Film Draft 1


From editing all of my footage and audio together I now have a good idea of what my finished product will look like. From this draft I have noticed I need to make some improvements:

  • Sound Effect at start
    • For some reason the sound dips in and out, which I do not remember editing in after effects. Hopefully this won’t be too hard to fix and its such a mis placement of keynotes.
  • Voice over ‘across the globe’
    • As I asked my voice over artist to record the first three lines that appear on the screen as text for coverage. However, I was not clear that the first time I intend for audiences to hear her voice is when she says ‘across the globe’, and therefore it sounds like the middle of a paragraph instead of the opening line. I am going to see if theres any possibility of re-recording just that line.
  • Pie chart colours
    • The pie chart was for some reason the hardest animation to create despite being on of the simplest. Consequently I made it slightly different from the rest and therefore could not get the exact same colours of green and red that I had used on all of my animations.
  •  Loosen shadow on text
    • For my captions under my herpetologist, I used white text but a black shadow also in order for it to be slightly easier to read. However it was only after exporting my project that I realised it looks slightly childish as the shadow is very opaque and slightly too detached from the white text.
  • Reduce hissing on interview audio
    • I brought a separate microphone to the interview and therefore have the camera audio as well as the microphone recording and have used the latter as it is much better quality. However, even this still has a hissing noise which reduces the professionalism of my piece so that needs fixing.
  • Missing footage
    • I still need to record some sort of footage relevant to an increase in insect populations and people having to miss days off work.
  • Increase or decrease contrast to lessen prevalence of reflections
    • In some of my amphibian footage I have some distracting reflections from the glass that they were behind. I am going to need to add some kind of effect on those clips in order to reduce the glare.
  • Add colour grade overall
    • Something I have not done yet is add a colour grade which I will need to do a few sample trials to see which one best suits the theme of my film. Certainly I will be going for something slightly darker rather than light.
  • Reshoot eyes and pond
    • I need to get proper footage of the eyes opening with a steady camera and good lighting, as well as get another tilting shot of the pond which does not move so much.
  • Get rid of ‘click analyze’ message
    • For some reason the blue ‘click analyse’ bar that appears when a certain section of the clip hasn’t been stabilised has not disappeared even after I stabilised it twice.
  • Soundtrack
    • In some areas of the film the ambience is lost slightly without any kind of noise other than the voiceover, and it would complete the ending of the film to have either the same sound effect that I used at the start, or create another track to go on top.
  • Interject voice over with interview
    • In some areas, the voiceover continues un-interupted for quite some time and therefore viewers may get slightly complacent and stop listening. The herpetologist did have a lot of interesting points, so I could put some of them in the middle of the film (hopefully without it seeming too random) or swap some of the lines that have similar content.
  • Add credits
    • Like any film I feel the only proper way to fully bring the film to an end is to have credits. While this is undoubtedly a very small project and therefore these may not last for long, I think its important to credit the people that have helped me make this project.

Text Graphics

At the end of my film intro, I wanted my title to look as though they were letters sitting on water. However I did not know how to do this. I was able to make my text look as though it was getting bigger by using the free transform tool and dragging the top two corners closer together and the bottom two corners further apart. For the movement I had to watch a youtube video to find out how to make the text move with the water. As it turns out it was actually quite easy. In the ‘Effects & Presets’ tab I searched for ripple and used the option underneath ‘distort’ and dragged it onto my text layer.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 16.02.01

After this, I dragged the centre of ripple to the middle of my screen and increased the radius to cover all of my text. Then I simply decreased the wave speed and height, and increased the wave width in order to emulate the minimal waves of the lake.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 16.02.14

Here is what my finished title looks like (less pixilated in my film):


Poster 4


I have continued to edit the poster and I have changed a few things. I realised I had gone a bit overboard with the amount of darkening that I had done, so I dialed that back slightly so that you can still see all of the details in the photograph while still being able to read the white text. I also added another layer of hue/saturation onto the green frog but this time with a yellow layer to make the frog look less of a fluorescent green and more of an earthy green. Lastly, I changed slightly the wording of the credits so that they read better.

Poster 3

To get my own photography for my poster I went back to London Zoo.

ContactSheet-001 hiContactSheet-002 hi

From all of the images, this one is the most similar to the stock image I have been using.


To transfer this onto my poster I first had to delete the background.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 17.09.25

First I zoomed in with the rubber for precision, but after that I used the polygon tool to select everything except from the frog and delete it. However, throughout my website and my poster I have maintained quite a green feel, and although this frog’s bright blue skin is natural, it doesn’t really fit in with the earthy theme I have maintained. Therefore I decided to see if I could make the frog look green. To do this, I opened the hue/saturation, chose the colour green, used the dropper tool to select the bluest part of the frog, and then adjusted the hue scale so that all blue on the picture turned green.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 17.10.12

I then dragged this onto my pre edited poser and scaled it to the right size. However, even once I had rubbed out the edges so that the frog only existed in the boundaries of the water, and reduced the opacity to about 30%, it still looked to bright for the style I wanted.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 17.12.49

I double clicked on the layer and the layer style box opened. I clicked on colour overlay, made it dark green, and then reduced the opacity of the image again to 46%. This gave the frog a much darker shade of green for its skin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 17.17.31

Below is the finished product. I will need to continue to do some tweaking to make the frog look as natural as possible, but from my original poster using all stock footage to the poster I have managed to create from my own photography, I am happy so far with the resemblance.


Poster 2

I have taken some photos of ponds that look similar to the one I found online:


I really feel that the last few sets are the most effective. Some of the ponds had waterfalls and although I did not intend for this, I think it adds something a bit more interesting to an otherwise still piece of water.


As I have not yet taken my own photography for the frog, I have still used the stock photo just to see how well the background images work. When it came to writing my credits as well I realised that the traditional way of having them central at the bottom was the most effective layout.


I really really like the above image as it has two waterfalls, but it means that some of the text will potentially need to go over the frog, and I will have to move the image around a bit so that I am not left with so much dead space down the left hand side.

All Edited Sections


So far I have edited quite a few sections together, but since they are not next to each other in the sequence of the film, I have been looking at them almost as entirely separate projects. So, I have put everything together in chronological order to see whether any animations look out of place and also to compile everything I’ve done into a longer video to gauge my progress so far.

Intro Into Film


On my storyboard and animatic, I had intended for the first shot of my film after the title to be of the herpetologist. However, seeing how it would look in my final film, I feel that all of the tension I worked hard to create throughout the introduction is lost immediately. Consequently, I may look for a different place to put this clip, and instead start with the next shot, a spinning earth.

Additionally, I need to see if I can get rid of the hissing noise in the audio file for the herpetologist shots because it is very distracting.