The Death of Bees Explained


I found this short film about bees very interesting not only for the information that it gave me, but also to explore the animated area of documentaries. The film has a narrator, which I am currently intending to include in my film. His voice is quite firm but charismatic. This is effective at keeping the audience engaged while not being too patronising and ensuring the viewers understand the severity of the situation.

Furthermore, the film is eye-opening from the start, with the opening line: ‘Human society is extremely complex and fragile.’ This is to somewhat belittle the audience so that they can better comprehend how much we rely on bees. With the mindset that humans aren’t invincible, they will be more open to listening to ways in which human society can be protected.

The film is packed full of facts, figures and statistics. This is also highly effective at engaging an audience as many will believe any fact that they hear. Consequently it makes the piece more believable and gives the viewer a specific piece of information that they can take away and share with friends.

The documentary maintains quite a monochromatic style, primarily using yellows, oranges and reds. The yellow and orange feel is very symbolic of bees and therefore suits the subject matter well to make for easy viewing. The use of red is also very subtly symbolic of the danger presented by the death of the bees which is very calmly but firmly articulated in the piece.


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