Make Inishturk Great Again: Poster

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.27.24

The colour of text, green, white and orange, is immediately representative of Ireland and consequently the content of the film can be understood to be about the country. The use of an image of Donald Trump is iconic and relates to the phrase ‘Make Inishturk Great Again’ with regards to his famous campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. This is effective at creating humour as the disgruntled expression on Trump’s face in front of the scerenity of the grazing sheep allows for the title to be understood as a joke.

The use of sheep over any other type of farm animal is synonymous with the UK countryside. Furthermore, being more of a docile animal, the speech that Trump is giving on the phone screen is evidently falling on deaf ears, almost as though his rumblings have been tuned out. An additional contrast can be observed through the farming and the smart phone, with one being an integral part of human evolution, and the latter being a form of what some might describe as an unnecessary part of human society.


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