Amazon Warriors Male Gaze


Twitter user @melsil raised an excellent point about the portrayal of Amazon Warriors in Wonder Woman and Justice League. The left was directed and styled by women, while the right was directed and styled by men. This has lead to Melissa Silverstein using the costumes as an example of how the male gaze can effect films. Evidently, the warriors on the left are much more modestly covered in comparison to the warriors on the right. This is something that effects media so much of the time, as the majority of media is created by men, but it is only when we see a male and female construction side-by-side that people realize how differently women are portrayed. This element of media is not so prevalent in my product as it only has one on-screen human, who is not someone to be portrayed as I would like as if they were a fictional character fitting into my ideas of gender representation. However, as my herpetologist is male I do feel that having a female narrator will be effective at leveling out the different voice types, to avoid both voices sounding the same and blurring into one long noise.

With the Amazon Warriors, it was pointed out that they are only dressed like that in flashback scenes, and that the ‘present day’ warriors in the film are dressed more like those represented in Wonder Woman. This gives me some sort of hope that even through the male gaze, women can be depicted in a non-sexual manner.


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